Temples/Locus of Intent, 2008, Waterfall Arts, Belfast, ME

Installation view of: Temple Elevation/Raft of the Medusa (large wall hanging), 2008,
silkscreen ink on jute and cut out rusted rubber tire elements with steel wire, 12' x 6' x 4".
Temples/Locus of Intent, Waterfall Arts, Belfast, ME, September, 2008.
Alter Hall Collection, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Temples/Locus of Intent, September, 2008

Waterfall Arts Center
Belfast, Maine

My temples are a meditation on the moment and the childlike wonder of imagining our journey through a passage. As a child, I remember going through long tunnels on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and wishing the experience would never end. Life is such a passage...from one perspective a long journey...from another a flash.

In these works shown in this space, I have also crossed between media mixing drawing, sculpting and printing techniques to describe numerous temples. Each temple, like each of us, is different yet similar.

Images of me building little houses in the woods and by the streams near my childhood home in Kentucky also pass through my mind as I work. Nature and art are inseparable in my mind...art being the human manifestation of the former. As an artist, what I attempt to do is set up parameters in each work that allow processes to unfold, including mishaps, that reveal the antics of nature. Marks, graining and knotholes in wood; paint drips, smudges and erasures; the apparent random bends, twists and reshaping of wire, and the beautiful perfection of worn surfaces activate these works.

Lastly, quite a few of the works in this show incorporate discarded "refuse" from our consumer culture...most notably automobile tires. Even though my home is solar powered, my car is small, gets good gas mileage and has low emissions, and my carbon footprint is relatively small, I know I have stressed my environment. I have actually pulled some of the tires for this show out from under piles of dirt to clear the site and to reclaim them in the name of art. It is a tiny, and some might argue ridiculous action, but I humbly submit for your viewing a monument both to our wastefulness and to our ability to be resourceful in the name of art and nature.