Paul with Morphic Form unrolled as
Ceremonial Blanket, 2012,
photo by Benjamin Magro.

It is my premise that each of us has an innate sense of wonder and appreciation of the vastness and sublime mysteries of creation and that it is through myths/metaphors that we come to grasp, at a very deep level, the lessons of this wonderment. However, all too often the explanations become codified and become substitutions for the personal mysteries of discovery. In my work, I attempt to create a culturally non-specific architectural locus, or temple, for the journeying soul to move through, gallery by gallery, guided by ceremonial attendants. Each traveler is shrouded in a ceremonial blanket and reviews the aesthetic and ritual objects contained within the temple passages. These ceremonial blankets are the protective shrouds that enable the journeying soul to transcend realities. The blankets appear as functionally impractical in our everyday realm of being; yet aesthetically express a language of mystery that becomes all the more evident within the envisioned metaphysical/metaphorical journey. It is the inspired participant who experientially transforms these objects into both personal and universally relevant re-creations within their temple passage.

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